Jade Hills, Kajang




Asia Pacific Property Awards
Architecture – 5 Star Best Public Service Architecture Malaysia (2019-2020)

Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) Awards
Education-Silver Award (2017)

About this project:

The new Eaton International School is located to the south of the Jade Hills development. The spaces that make up the school are arranged in an infinity loop, drawing attention to the concept of never-ceasing learning that is integral to Eaton’s vision. A central concourse on two levels acts as the spine of the infinity loop, where events will be held and where staff and students can meet and mingle. Branching off from the central concourse are the classrooms, offices, arranged into different loops that define a series of courtyards, each meant for students of a different age group. Keeping to the infinity loop layout, the façade has been designed as a seamless extension of that concept. Angular horizontals emphasize the idea of connectivity, and relate to the digitized world that we have currently transitioned into.